What can TICON do for you?

TICON Curriculumn - Coming to you in 2022

The TICON Curriculum provides insight into the barriers and challenges
to using creativity methods in teaching online, in particular with regards to engineering and
related creativity techniques, and the skills and competences required to overcome these barriers.

TICON Training - Coming to you in 2022

Access to the e-learning platform where, with our training and learning materials you will be able to upskill and
know how to use creativity methods in engineering education
and teach creativity on-line (and with the appropriate pedagogical approaches and digital tools).

TICON step by step guidance - Coming to you in 2022/23

Are you a a HE engineering teacher? 
Here you can access a step by step approach on how to use the TICON e-learning platform in the best way. 
We also provide  examples and testimonies from peers who have taught creativity in online learning contexts.

TICON Community - Coming to you in 2022/23

Are you a manager of a Higher Education Institution which offers engineering education? 
Here you can access examples from other HE institutions that have already used creativity methods
 in their online teaching and/or taught creativity online, including those that have used the TICON results.