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Welcome to the Creativity Toolbox. In this toolbox you can find different creativity methods and techniques to help you in introducing creativity into your on-line teaching. To facilitate your search, you can apply several filters, such as rot which part of the engineering phases it is related; if it is a group or individual activity; the number of people, or the type of class or classroom activity, as well as the duration. Of course you are also free to not use the filers and just navigate through the different methods and techniques to learn more. ENJOY!

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Ideation & Conceptual design

6-3-5 Method

The 6 (x) -3-5 is a group-work creativity method that is functional as a brain-writing activity.



The catchword method is used to start the creative process by developing random terms.

Analysis & problem definition

Clarifying Challenge

The Clarify the Challenge method is used to reach and document a common understanding about the central topic or challenge.

Analysis & problem definition

Continue the Story

The “Continue the Story” method sparks the students’ creativity by making them complete a story.


Dance Battle

The Dance Battle method is an ice breaker where teams compete with each other in imitating famous dance moves.

Ideation & Conceptual design

Disruptive Images

The disruptive images method uses a series of unusual images to make students think out of the box and create a new sense or understanding of a topic or problem.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning can be defined as “learning by doing” as it blends learning with experience, and therefore covers a very broad knowledge development process.

Assessment & evaluation

Expert Panel

In the expert panel, experts selected specifically for the panel share useful information based on their experience and can evaluate an idea from an objective point of view.

Analysis & problem definition

Five Ws and H

This is a simple but powerful tool for cutting quickly through the outward symptoms of a problem to reveal its underlying causes (WHY), so that you can deal with it once and for all. How

Analysis & problem definition

Flashing Lights

The flashing Lights Technique is used to reveal the current mood and ideas of the participants in a group.



The flower method uses a structured brainstorming template to analyze problems, combine and detail initial ideas, and create scenarios or use cases.


Help the old lady

The “Help the old lady” method makes students experience the difference between convergent and divergent thinking in ideation and need analysis.

Design & Prototyping

Magic Play Dough

The Magic Play Dough technique can be used for the detailed design and prototyping session in the engineering process.


Motivational video

The Motivational video method is an icebreaker that uses publicly available videos to motivate the students to complete more complex tasks throughout the day.


Music Quiz

The Music Quiz method is an icebreaker or a “mind-freer” where student teams will compete against each other in guessing the name or artist of a song.


Oxford vs. Cambridge

The Oxford vs. Cambridge method is an icebreaker that makes student teams compete against each other.


Photo Story

The photo story method facilitates creating free associations related to a picture series under time pressure.



Pictionary or Scribble is a group activity where teams compete against each other in guessing what one group member is drawing.


Reframing Matrix

The Reframing Matrix technique helps to overcome cognitive biases in ideation and problem analysis by enabling the students to look at a problem from other than their usual perspective.


Role play

Role play is an activity where the students can act or think as another person and put themselves into an imaginary situation where everything is possible.


Taking a Picture

The “Taking a Picture” method is about each student going outside to take one picture of their own choosing and show it to the rest of the group.


The NAF Technique

NAF Technique is an idea selection method that aims to determine the Newest, Appealing and Feasible from a group of ideas.

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