Lean StartUp

Lean startup is, in essence, a methodology to develop businesses and products that consists of applying the scientific method to a business model.


Storytelling is all about engaging an audience by applying narrative techniques, it involves bidirectional communication between a storyteller and the listeners aiming to reach them emotionally.


Storyboarding is a technique that visually depicts a user’s interaction with your product.

World / Knowledge Café

Also known as “World Café” or “Knowledge Café” is a structured conversational process to share knowledge between smaller groups of people that are discussing a topic.


SCAMPER is considered one of the easiest, most direct brainstorming methods. The simple technique is based on the idea that what’s new is actually based on something that already exists.

6 Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats, ist ein Unterrichtsmodell zur Förderung des kritischen und kreativen Denkens und dient der Erkundung verschiedener Perspektiven für eine komplexe Situation oder Herausforderung.

KANO Analysis

The Kano Analysis model (pronounced “Kah-no”) is an analysis tool used to explore and measure the customer’s emotional responses to the product’s features. The tool allows for prioritising features and creating product roadmaps based on the likelihood of customer satisfaction.

Impact Analysis

Impact analysis technique assists in identifying the potential consequences of any change made to a system. It can be used in environments such as software development, change management, business pivoting, altering an existing revenue stream etc.