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Storytelling is all about engaging an audience by applying narrative techniques, it involves bidirectional communication between a storyteller and the listeners aiming to reach them emotionally.


Storyboarding is a technique that visually depicts a user’s interaction with your product.


A Persona represents a fictional character that represents a type of customer or user. The fictional character or persona is created from the synthesis of research data on actual users/customers, generalising on a specific type of user/customer. This method is based on research and is intended to assist in understanding the consumers’ needs, behaviours, experiences, and goals.

Fishbone Diagram

A fishbone diagram is a visual tool used to identify the root causes of a problem. The method is a more structured approach to other root cause identification tools such as 5 Whys. The problem or the effect is displayed on the head of the fish and the possible causes are listed along the smaller bones of the fish under various categories.